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We breed one of our girls every 2 or 3 years and usually only  when we are keeping one ourselves.  We  give advice and support throughout the pup's life and our family grows with every pup sold. We do everything possible to sell healthy, sound puppies.  In return I expect my puppy buyers to love and care for their puppy, and to keep in touch with me regularly throughout their dog's life.  The sale of Flurrister puppies are subject to a fair puppy purchase agreement where the well being and welfare of the puppy is paramount.  A copy of this agreement will gladly be supplied.

To ensure that only health screened puppies are bred from we will place an endorsement on the registration of the puppy with the kennel club, we will willingly lift this endorsement after we have approved the health certification of the stud dog.  We, like the majority of responsible breeders, are intent on producing our stock that are healthy and have the temperament expected of a golden retriever.

You will receive a puppy pack,  4 weeks free insurance, pedigree certificate and some of the food that the pup has been weaned onto.  I also like to provide a CD of photographs taken during the pup;s time with us. 
We are willing to provide appropriate advice during the lifetime of the puppy and look forward to receiving any photos and updates on how you and your pup are getting on.
Please note we only sell puppies to families with whom we are happy and who have taken the time to visit us and see Mum with the puppies before they are ready for their new homes.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy .
If your circumstances change and you can no longer keep your Flurrister puppy we expect you to let us know about your situation in order that we can help decide the best for your puppy!

It is important to understand than even if the sire and dam have been screened and found clear of any health problems, no breeder can guarantee that your puppy will never develop a problem during its life time. Screening lessens the chance . 



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