Always go and see where a puppy is bred.

Always see the mother of the puppy (and father if possible).
Check the temperament of both parents.
 Always see where puppies are kept to see it is clean and they look healthy.

Always check parents have up to date eye certificates, which states that they are free from hereditary eye problems. Ask to see the certificate!!  (Eye tests should be carried out yearly).

Always check that both parents have had their hips x-rayed and ask to see the B V A Certificates. The lower the score the better the hips are. The score range is from 0-106. Average mean score is 18 currently. (The hips are scored when the parents are one year old).
Always make sure you have the Kennel Club Registration certificate for your puppy.  With this you should get 6 weeks free puppy insurance.

A good breeder will give you a lot of help with your puppy and you should have a diet sheet and a guide to help you care for your puppy to take home with you.

To get a good quality puppy from a person who cares will probably cost you more in the beginning but could save you in the end and a lot of heartache.

Read as much about the breed as you can and try to find out if there is a dog show in your area where you can meet owners and breeders. They are usually very helpful.




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